Counselling Wing and Social Workers

Social workers provide individual and joint sessions to women and the concerned members of the family. Developmental sessions are also provided to women where her career options and other life alternatives, risk in reconciliation or separation are discussed for a better life ahead and to make an informed decision.

  1. The complainant is heard patiently before receiving the application.
  2. During the very first interaction with Insp., the victim is listened to and informed about all the services available at SPUWAC and is facilitated to decide on a suitable solution for their problem. While sharing information about various procedures at SPUWAC, a form is also filled alongside to record the complainant details.
  3. The complainant is attended by the Inspector or the police official appointed to hear her for the first time and write her note-sheet and mark an enquiry officer or social worker on her file who shall be responsible for addressing the complaint.

This section is responsible for:

  1. Facilitating the client to make an informed choice/ decision.
  2. Negotiating and working towards non-violence, gender equality and harmony in family / reconciliation
  3. Negotiation for separation
  4. Providing the client with information on govt. and non govt. agencies and their services as per the client needs like plans and programs for women and children, de-addiction, mental health etc.
  5. Considering the male client's application also. The wife's (mutual) consent is a must for the intervention of social workers.